Thursday, October 1, 2009


...someone made the mistake of telling me she likes my profiles of my loved ones, and this has been rolling around in my head for a while now. Laura is one of my Jersey Girls, and might just be the only person on Earth I love more than Jim.

Laura is beautiful, and she's always put together. That's what strikes you first about her, and she plays right into that. She is crazy smart, but she won't let you in on that little secret until she determines if you deserve to know. Her intelligence is one of her best defenses, and her best weapons. She's had the hardest, most heartbreaking childhood of anybody I know, real or fictional. Her birth mother is one of the most horrible human beings I claim acquaintance with.

Laura's funny and sweet and one of the most compassionate people ever. She's silly and loves children and tanning and hides cookies where her health-nut (and short!) boyfriend won't find them. She's the kind of friend you can call at two am when you've just had a fight with your boyfriend and need someone to vent to who understands. And she's not afraid to return the favor and call you, she shares her vulnerabilities like she shares her strengths. Whether she'll tell you so or not, Laura wants to be loved. And she's willing to fight for love, and to take chances for it. Her bravery is astonishing, especially since she has some pretty tough anxiety issues that she's working through. I've said before that really old friends are like your favorite old sneakers, they just fit comfortably, no matter how long you go between wearing them. Well, Laura's like your favorite high heels; she's classy, comfortable to spend time with, makes you feel your best.

I do speak often of the strong women I'm surrounded by, Laura is one of the strongest I know. She's amazing, and closer to me than anyone else. She holds all the secrets of my little soul, and she's trusted me with many of hers. She's really more than a friend, she's a sister of the heart and I, like so many, would be lost without her.


Donna Lee said...

Yep. She's one of my favorites, too.

Roxie said...

Sisters of the heart make the best family.