Sunday, October 25, 2009

How's This?

... much as I like the Courier font, I like you guys to be able to read the blog without squinting or doing that thing where you highlight all the text and read it that way. I switched up the background and font colors, too, because as Bells pointed out, light text on a dark background can be difficult on the eyes. Hopefully, this made it easier on y'all's eyes. Let me know what you think, eh?

You know those days over the weekend where you want so very much to sleep in, but your body is pretty much programmed to wake up at a certain time, so even though you stayed up insanely late the previous night, you still wake up like you're going to work (even though on the weekdays, it's a battle to wake up with the alarm)? Don't you just hate those? Yeah, me too.

The church across the street still has a functioning bell. They only ring it on Sundays when a mass lets out. It's such a beautiful, deep, resonant sound. Makes me think of all the books that mention churchbells tolling across an entire city, and how amazing that must be. Also, of the University clock in Ankh-Morpork that tolls silences instead of sound (terry pratchett is amazing. if you've never read one of his discworld books, you are missing out on something wonderful).

Today is going to be lovely and peaceful. The boys are all sleeping downstairs still. I think Jim mentioned going out to breakfast somewhere, which is okay by me. In fact, I might stay home and luxuriate in having the house to myself for a while. The quiet will be delicous. I know they'll head home later in the afternoon (what, doesn't everyone have parties that span whole days?), and I can clean up whatever wreckage is left behind and relax for a while. There's nothing pressing to do today, and nowhere I have to be. It's a beautiful feeling. I'll probably make some kind of soup for dinner, because it's a cool, blustery day. At least the sun is out, though!

In review:
--How does the newer and improveder font/color scheme work? Any easier to read?
--Churchbells are pretty nifty
--Yarn is going to be skeined and washed and thwacked (my favorite part) today
--The breadmaker will probably be pressed into service again. Mmmm!
--There are a few large, sleeping young men scattered over my living room floor


Donna Lee said...

Sleeping people on the living room floor? What's that like? And I seem to recall that teenaged girls don't have inside voices either.....

I had quite a spinning marathon yesterday. Today had to be a shopping day but I'm heading that way now.

Bells said...

yeah that works! Good one.

I both love and hate waking up early on the weekends. I do it all the time now just becasue I'm programed to wake up at 6am. But I love to stay up a bit later on teh weekends too so I end up quite tired. But it's so productive to be up early and I get the house to myself. A condundrum!

Roxie said...

"There are a few large sleeping young men scattered on my living room floor." I'm going to quote this to your granddaughters!

Sounds like the little lads had a grand party. Good on them!

Happy thwacking, kiddo, and hooray
for bells!

Roxie said...

And I really like the new font and colors. Easy to read and ever so attractive.

Rose Red said...

I like the new look too! Hope you had a lovely relaxing day - those are the best.

Kate said...

Like the new look. And yes, I know that programmed-to-wake-up thing. It's even harder when your schedule is as random as mine. Glad you had a good, relaxing day! You need those very much.

Galad said...

Looks good. Very easy to read and attractive!