Monday, October 5, 2009

Totally Boring Health Update

Which, I have decided, is my favorite kind. Roxie asked me to post and let y'all know how I was doing, and how the healing process is coming along. So far as I can tell, things are coming along swimmingly. I hardly ever have pain in my chest, and when I do, it tends to be short-lived. I'm more comfortable, and I'm slowly getting the strength back in my chest muscles. The numbness is still there, though, which is pretty strange. I can feel pressure when something touches my side, but the skin has no sensation. I'm hoping that the feeling will come back, eventually. I'm thinking the odds are pretty good, since my body is bouncing back from this a million times better than I could have hoped. The weirdest side effect is that my right hand is always warm now, and my left hand is still frigid. I've always had cold hands, so it's a little weird to have a warm one. Maybe I should knit myself one glove or something...

The best, very coolest part about this stage of the recover is that sometimes, I can forget that I'm recovering. I can forget about the whole ordeal, because it's just become a part of me. Perhaps forget isn't the best word for it, you can't just forget this sort of thing. But it's more assimilated, it sticks out in my brain less. The scar doesn't bother me as much (most of the time) and it's a little less obvious (it helps that i don't dress like a tramp). This morning, I left something upstairs and we were running a few minutes late for work. So I hustled up the stairs, grabbed what I needed, and headed back down at speed. I was a little breathless, but considering that less than six months ago, it took me minutes rather than seconds to get up or down the stairs, I'm thinking a little breathless is pretty okay.

That's all the thrilling health news I have for you today, but I do have two exciting announcements. I have secured to special guest bloggers for a little later on in the month. Both have been tentatively assigned to write an essay about my supreme awesomeness, or whatever else catches their fancy. We'll see how that goes. Announcement the second: I'm bringing on a feature I used to use back when myspace was still cool enough for me to blog on. I'll be ending most of my blogs (those with real content, anyway) with a wrap-up, sort of a blog-lite, if you will. That way, should you be pressed for time, or should you just want the abbreviated version of the blog, you can enjoy it. I promise, though, there will never be a pop quiz... Or, will there?

In review:
--Healing is going well. I can do crazy stuff like walk and move and climb stairs.
--Special guests will be blogging later in the month. Woo, guest blogging!
--I sometimes cheat and put silly things in the review, like statements about rubber ducks, that don't show up in the actual blog.
--For instance, Jim has flatly refused to get me a pair of angora bunnies for Christmas


Kate said...

Real life is one big pop quiz. You're never ready for the real tests.

Rose Red said...

A single glove worked for Michael I say yeah do it. But maybe steer away from a silver glitter one?

Roxie said...

Jim is wise. Bunnies multiply like - well, like bunnies.

Thanks for the health report. I was wondering and am pleased to hear such good news. Being the stoic that you are, I was worried you might still have a chest drain and be crawling up stairs on your hands and knees. Hooray for youth, health, and recuperation!!

Galad said...

A healthy update is great news. Angora bunnies would be so soft, but Roxie is right the multiplication issue :-)