Saturday, October 3, 2009

Social Butterfly

I wonder if there were always this many opportunities for me to go out or spend time with people, or if they've only started now that I have weekends off. Today's blog comes to you after a day trip to the PA Renaissance Faire and before going to a friend's house for a moon gazing party. Thankfully, there's nothing planned tomorrow, so I'll have time to relax and spin and read and clean and just be. As I keep telling Jim, having plans is a symptom of having friends, and that's a good thing. It's just been overwhelming this past month, and I am declaring the second weekend of October to be a free weekend. I will not go anywhere, I will not fulfill any obligations, social or otherwise. I will simply stay home and goof off. Everybody needs the occasional day to putz around the house, and I haven't had one of those in ages. Not that I at all mind spending time with my friends and loved ones. It just gets to be draining, especially after a full week of working. I still don't have a lot of stamina, and I get tuckered out pretty quickly.

So, the Renaissance Faire. If you've never been to one, the easiest way to describe it is to have someone imagine the nerdy kids in high school and their friends, parents, and grandparents all role-playing together. There's a huge estate that hosts this every year, and people come from, well, all over, to wander the faire and look at jugglers and jousts and fairies and pirates and, of course, the Queen. All the Faire employees are dressed in costume and speak in Olde English. It's a lot of fun, especially if you don't take yourself too seriously. There are activities for children and adults alike, and plenty of shows to see and places to shop and eat. You can get a whole turkey leg (tasty, but messy), some of the wine made at the estate (it happens to be a reputable winery, they have the best sangria wine i've ever had), a corset, trinkets and baubles of every type, armor, battle-ready weaponry (which has to be 'peace tied', or basically disabled while you're on the grounds), and all manner of period-appropriate costumes. It really is quite an experience, and the drive out to the estate is lovely, lots of trees and rolling fields.

I've been trying to be as frugal as possible, and not buy things that don't qualify as a need (thus, there was no wine purchased today, i was the model of restraint), but I did pick a Tree of Life neclace up for myself. It's just the right size and design, and it's lightweight. Hopefully, it's sterling silver. I'll find out the hard way if it isn't within the next day or so (the one time i had a belly ring that wasn't surgical steel or pure silver, i had a horrible reaction within twenty-four hours, it was not good times). I hope it is, because I'm lazy and I like to wear jewelry that's special to me every day, rather than changing out lots of different pieces.

And now, my dears, it is time for me to grab a bite and then head out to gaze at the moon. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend, and have some of the perfect weather we're finally getting to see around here.


Rose Red said...

Sounds like fun! I know what you mean about needing time to just sloth around the house, I feel the same if I've had lots of social events all in a row.

Donna Lee said...

The Ren Faire sounds like it was fun. I like my quiet weekends. It helps recharge the batteries and make going back to work possible.

Roxie said...

Even the computer needs down time. You are wise to schedule it in.

Why no pictures of you in Faire regalia? And you NEEDED to get that necklace!

A moon-gazing party sounds most intriguing. Inside? Outside? With alcohol and howling, or with tea and poetry?