Sunday, October 11, 2009

Feedback... a good thing. I appreciate all the comments from the previous post. You've all got very good points. To answer the question Momolla asked me yesterday, Jim and I haven't had a fight, and I was pretty calm when I wrote that. The verse really is lovely, and I can appreciate the sentiments. But the kind of love it extols is perfect, and it reminds me very much of the Disney movies I watched as a child. What it shows you is perfect, and therefore, almost never real. I do believe that love is powerful, and that it can be a great motivator and a great inspiration. But love also spawns emotions that can make you petty and afraid. Love is wonderful, but it's never perfect, because the people that feel it never are.

Thanks to some issues with my internet connection that our service provider stoutly denies to be possible, I wasn't able to get online to post last night. There will be two posts today to make up for it. I'll try to make sure that the second is another real post. I'd like to save the fluff bits and padding for closer to the end of the month when I'm running out of ideas and stories to share.

Yesterday, my parents celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary. My sisters and I spent it with them, wandering around Lancaster's Farmer's Market and a few other shops. Momolla and Dadums graciously bought me a ham for Christmas (a trip to s. clyde weaver's is always a requirement. they have the best bacon you have ever tasted), since we're hosting dinner again, and I expressed a fear of being presented with another canned ham. Kate was 'intrigued' by the fruit tarts. There was a lot of wandering and talking and catching up, since we haven't all been together as a family in rather a while. We had lunch together, and drove over to a shop called Labadie Looms, which has fibers for spinners, weavers, and knitters. The fiber fumes are heady stuff in there.

Since I am on a tight budget (jim's birthday is later this month, and i promised him truck parts), I ignored the honey-colored merino and silk blend. Well, okay. I picked it up and carried it with me for a few minutes, and then sense got the better of me and I put it back down and walked away to clear my head. I did splurge and pick up some gorgeous scarlet silk hankies to spin. I've never worked with silk, and the color called to me (it was less than twenty dollars, so it was an indulgence, but less than half the cost of the original object of me affections). There was no name or color information with it, so I've started to think of it as 'Desire' in the back of my mind. I'm thinking it's going to be a cowl or a broad scarf for me, since I so rarely keep my handspun, and since I'm going back to blonde in a few more weeks. The color won't clash with my hair, though it's so pretty, I would have worn it, anyway.

That's all I have for you all with this post, my darlings. I hope the last bit of your weekend is/was lovely.


Roxie said...

What a great way to celebrate an anniversary! You girls are so lucky to have parents who still love one another.

People are not able to perfectly live up to the ideals they espouse. That doesn't make them bad people, and that doesn't make the ideals worthless. Bad people don't even HAVE ideals. Ideals are the patterns we choose to shape our worlds around. If we were perfect people in a perfect world, we wouldn't need ideals.

Rose Red said...

I love the idea of scarlet silk hankies to spin with. An excellent purchse, I say!