Sunday, October 11, 2009

Second Sunday Post...

...and, despite my best intentions, I have nothing much else to report or to comment on. Today was my day to relax and unwind, and I took advantage of that time to listen to a book and knit. I didn't get dressed until four, and only then put on old, ragged sweats. Friends, it was liberating. We've been so busy lately, trying to keep up with all our loved ones and spend time with everyone whenever we had the time, that Jim and I were both pretty burned out. Not that we don't love our friends, but everybody needs a lazy day or two. So today, we just relaxed. I didn't fret about cleaning, I didn't worry about finishing the laundry or being productive. Jim managed to be more productive than I, he washed the dishes. He would also like me to point out that he 'did stuff outside, too.' (jim is helping me blog tonight. he says hello!)

Being lazy doesn't mean I was entirely unproductive. I managed to finish knitting a scarf that's meant to be given as a Christmas gift. It's made of some handspun, and I do believe I am in love. There's a striping effect, even though the yarn itself is a riot of colors, that I just love. I realize that it's early to be thinking of any holidays other than Halloween, but since I am what could charitably called excruciatingly slow at knitting, and there are a few other things I would like to make for gifts, getting a head start seems like a good idea. Ideally, I'd like to have something special for everybody in the house and for my family, but we'll see how well that works out.

Tomorrow is Monday, and that means work will be interesting, especially since many people have the day off for Columbus Day (i've always wondered how the native americans feel about us pale folk celebrating 'finding' their home). I'm bringing the handwarmers I'm making for myself because they're easy 1X1 ribbing and I can work on them while I answer easy questions. I've decided a pair is in order, though I'll likely only need the one unless I'm outside. A couple of the guys at work have noticed and petitioned me for a pair. We'll see how generous I'm feeling a little later in the year.

And now, darlings, it's time for me to rest my weary head after a long, hard day of sitting around. I hope that your week is easy and goes swiftly for you, and that you have plenty of opportunities to relax.

In review:
--I was horribly boring today, and I LOVED it!
--Makes for shady blogging, though
--I totally forgot to post a review section on my earlier entry. I am sooo good at this stuff
--Work tomorrow will be trying, but there should be some good knitting time in there. Gotta get my mitts done, the building maintenance crew insists on leaving the air conditioning on.


Galad said...

Happy knitting tomorrow. Glad you gave yourself a day off today. We all need a lazy day now and then

Bells said...

Lazy days are the best. A few weeks ago when we had our niece for the day, I didn't get out of my PJs until 2pm when she spat her lunch all over me. I'd have happily stayed in them all day!

Rose Red said...

Nothing wrong with lazy days in my book!

Our national day is Australia Day - which also marks the anniversary of white man "finding" Australia and settling it (sort of). Many people in the Aboriginal communities call it "Invasion Day", although since our Prime Minister apologised to the Aboriginal people for the wrongs done to them over the years, it doesn't seem to be quite as polarising.

Donna Lee said...

I've always thought Columbus Day was sort of a spurious holiday at best. It shows how strong an influence the Italian immigrants had on culture here.

Roxie said...

Marketing is so important. We don't celebrat Eric the Red day, because Norwegians aren't braggers.

I love a lazy day. Rock it!