Thursday, October 29, 2009

Guest Blog Number 2

Well that saves me the trouble of thinking of a nifty title. This is Jim, oft mentioned in Em's blog, and just as often made too much of. I've come to guest blog, and I have no clear cut objective to blog about. In addition to that I'm on a time limit of approximately 30 minutes as Em is making porkchops for dinner tonight and doesn't want me to be late for dinner.

The L key on my backlit keyboard no longer works 60 percent of the time. This annoys me to no end. I haven't upgraded my computer for about 2 years now, and thankfully i haven't had to. I'm one of those guys that when something breaks on his computer or car or really anywhere, he uses it as an excuse to upgrade said part.

F-bomb, i need to listen to my music more often, i love metal music! Can you drop F-bombs on blogs? i guess so but im censoring myself just in case.

I'm listening to Lamb of God right now. They're a death metal band that has an especially heavy/grungy/brutal sound, and that suits me just fine, check them out if you like, but be warned that they're not for the faint of heart. For the other end of the spectrum of my main music tastes, check out the band called Red. They're more of a regular rock band. My tastes for music run in this vein: if its not death metal, then it is speed metal with very intricate guitar playing at high speeds or hard rock like Metallica, or some other form of music that involves drums and electric guitars with heavy distortion. Kind of a contrast to Em, who prefers more melodic music for the most part, and light rock.

Emily got me new leaf springs for my Jeep Cherokee for my birthday, which pretty much just kicks ass! They're exactly what i wanted for my birthday (truck parts!) and will make the ride of the truck much more solid and less spongey on and off the road. I figure my dad and i will put them on in a few weeks when i'm sure i have all of the hardware that is needed to do the install. It's an involved process that you don't want to be stuck on halfway through. The springs are special in that they keep the truck lifted without using blocks between the stock leaf springs and the axles, which results in axle wrap and instability off road. I always joke that i like my vehicles the opposite of how i like my women: i like my vehicles to be big, brutal, ugly beasts, and they don't need to be real fast either. I lucked out because Em is directly opposite that: small, awesome, purdy, and smart as anything!

Speaking of my truck, work is going well for both of us. I'm sure that Emily has blogged about her new job, and I'm glad she is going to like it so much more than Pep Boys. That place was hell for both of us; nothing like being the main target for abuse day in and day out. I'm still waiting for that elusive job posting for a promotion that i can apply for, but i think something will come up soon. At least i hope so, i could use the extra money to pay off my credit card debt. I'm hoping to get some sort of promotion in relation to our sister site, americantrucks. This would be good as the trucks are more what i'm in to as opposed to the mustangs. I'm working on as many side projects as i can for americantrucks, trying to get it off the ground and into the aftermarket mainstream so that it really takes off. If this happens, i stand a better chance of promotion and more money.

We're going to get Left 4 Dead 2 in mid November! Our roommate Mike preordered it, and the whole house abused the original Left 4 Dead, so it will definitely kick some asses. We're all psyched for it! I sense a zombie killing party happening in Nov or Dec at some point. And maybe another Magic the Gathering party as well? That would be legit.

So the Phillies are in the World Series. Big whoop, i don't follow baseball. Football and Hockey on the other hand are two of my favorite sports. Em humors me and knits while i watch football some sundays, but she doesn't want anything to do with hockey. This puzzles me because hockey is so much more fast paced. Oh well, she's awesome even without liking sports or anything competitive.

What else can i throw up on here? If you couldnt tell i'm just letting my mind spew out whatever comes up onto the blog. Yup, no insights or epiphanies here, just good old mental vomit through my fingertips. Subtle and dainty? Nope, not my style.

I'm gonna shut this one down with a hearty "Thank You!" to all of Em's blog friends. You all seem like great people who i am very happy that she's gotten the chance to meet. You guys make her smile, and not a day goes by that she doesn't check your blogs. Add to that the fact that you're going to read this blog and tolerate my everyday shotgun style of thought processes, and that makes you freakin awesome.

P.S: Em and Mrs. Wood, i dedicate all the errors in grammar and non-capitalized i's to you both! :D


Bells said...

Oh another death metal fan! I turned to my hubby and said, 'do you know Lamb of God?' He said yep. I said, 'because you know Em, of the alien spine baby? Her partner loves them.'

What is it about knitters and death metal guys? it's because death metal fans are great guys. I can't stand the music personally (although I do love SOME Opeth, when the guy actually sings instead of growls) but the fans of death metal are fabulous guys. Teddy bears on the inside, I say.

Nice to hear from you Jim. Loved your post.

Rose Red said...

Hey Jim!
Well, I'll have to be the odd one out because my husband is definitely not a death metal fan. But he's still pretty nice, just ask Bells, she'll tell you.

You can swear all you like on blogs as far as I'm concerned. And on Australian free to air tv too (after a certain time!). Americans always seem to find that amazing.

And I love that you call Donna Lee Mrs Wood!! Sweet.

Donna Lee said...

Awww. Dedicated the grammar errors to me? Thanks Jim! That warms my English Major's heart!

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